Team Impact Athlete Support

Packages now available to young athletes in need of nutritional guidance and support to help fulfil potential If you are reading this thinking I could do with a little extra help with my nutrition in maximising my performance then we may be able to help… We are delighted to announce we have a number of…


Sports Drinks.. Is water alone enough?

There is a huge amount of confusion and misconception regarding sports nutrition particularly with sports drinks. There are a number of factors to consider regarding the use of specific products to assist health and consequent performance including but not limited to: -The Sport itself; intensity, duration.. -Environmental conditions; hot, cold.. -Individual variables; hydrated state, ‘salty…


Pay Day Special Offer!

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Super Sunday Competition!

Are you reading this after a long week of training and feeling tired and fatigued? Have you considered the importance of the food and drink you consume on not only how quickly you recover but also long term health! Consume the correct nutrients for health AND sporting performance and you will reap the benefits. To…


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Dehydration is usually caused by not drinking enough fluid or by fluid that is lost and not replaced. The climate, the amount of physical exercise you are doing and your diet can also contribute to dehydration. By the time you feel thirsty, you might already be dehydrated. Additional symptoms of dehydration include: • feeling dizzy…


Batch testing and quality control

Quality and Product Safety is of paramount importance to Impact. It shows through in our ingredients and food production. Our long customer relationships and strategic partnerships with leading businesses are testament to our focus on quality and product safety. All Products are manufactured in a full GMP Facility, with BRC approval Grade A Approval for…


The Story of Impact

As with all revolutionary products which fill a specific gap in the market and change people’s daily habits and perceptions, there will be a story behind their creation ; IMPACT is no exception. Russell Gardner the founder of Impact was a was a failed footballer trying to live his dream through his son Harry a…