sport-water-single-500x5001Water dramatically improves our well being and is a vital component of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Being optimally hydrated boosts energy levels, improves mental alertness and helps avoid a host of ailments.

Water also enables the body to eliminate toxins and absorb essential vitamins and minerals as well as regulating body temperature.

Impact Sport water is a crystal clear natural spring, with a neutral pH and a refreshing natural taste. It is sourced deep in the caves under the Mendip Hills, having been naturally filtered through certified Organic land and enriched by the rocks through which it travels.

Calcium is particularly important for the development and health of bones and teeth of youngsters and 2 litres of our water can provide one third of your daily intake of Calcium. It also provides quantities of Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Bicarbonate, Chloride and Sulphate – each with their own health benefits, particularly in repleneshing electrolyte losses due to sweating during exercise.

Impact Sport water is a source of natural minerals in colloidal solution for increased absorption. It contains one of the highest mineral contents of all UK waters at 403mg per litre.

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