Impact Recover (50g Sachet)

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Recovering from exercise is arguably as important as your preparation before as without adequate regeneration of the body you will not be in peak condition to perform at your best time after time. Young athletes need to recover quickly from training and competition to prepare for subsequent events.

Studies have shown that post-exercise consumption of carbohydrates and protein results in better recovery than consumption of carbohydrates alone. Supplementation with Impact Recover within 20 minutes of finishing exercise is important both for restoring muscle glycogen levels and also for attenuating muscle damage for increased recovery.

Our sport scientists at Impact have designed Impact Recover from scratch, using all of the latest research to deliver a great tasting all in one blend of carbohydrate, protein, amino acids and a vital vitamin and mineral mix to help promote health, growth and development both physically and mentally.

We have formulated Impact Recover to be taken as soon as possible after exercise not only to replenish depleted glycogen stores and to promote protein synthesis but also to help the immune system recover to optimal levels too.

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