I use Impact recover after every training session and race. It not only helps me to recover quicker but it is a very tasty drink and I always look forward to drinking it after a tough session. I always wear Impact compression top as it keeps me warm and it is very comfy and it also aids recovery as well. Thanks for making some great products Impact Sport and can’t wait to try more!
Jonny Beharell
I'm very impressed with the hydrate drinks find these 100% more beneficial than any sports drink actually feel hydrated compared to just being hyper off the sugar content in others! Also very pleased with the recovery shake always wake up feeling revitalised after a hard session followed by a shake! Brilliant work from team impact!
Team Impact!
I have never seen anything like the Impact cap used for Impact Hydrate, it is such an innovative concept to keep the formulation 100% potent, I really believe this will change the way sports drinks are consumed in the future. I strongly recommend the whole Impact range to my athletes.
Mick Quinn
(Sports Therapist)
Impact Energise sweets are so convenient for runners to take when you need that burst of energy. I have tried Energy gels in the past but will never use them again now I have found Impact Energise. I also think it is important they contain NO artificial flavourings and e numbers as most pre-sport energy products do.
Mickey Reed
(Winner of London mini marathon)
As a professional footballer I need to fuel my body with the correct ratios of carbohydrate and protein at the most significant times and I trust the Impact range due to the research that backs it up.
Henrik Breimyr
(Norwegian youth international footballer)
I use Impact Recover every day to help me recover from my training, I have tried lots of recovery shakes but this is the best I've tasted and it works! It mixes really easily, I can't wait to try new flavours.
Josh Grace
(Middle distance runner for England and English schools)